Hello my name is Ian Clark aka TheHumanPassport, from being that little kid in the early 80s till now all I wanted to do is travel  so I put this travel guide together to showcase my photography but also share information about all the destinations I've visited to hopefully help you plan your next trip.

Welcome to Milford Sounds New Zealand,  named after Milford Haven in Wales, The Māori named Milford Sound Piopiotahi after the piopio bird,  which is now extinct. 

Milford Sound,  can be reached by land or sea including cruise ships, bus and coach travel, self-drive or air travel.  Princess Cruises offer trips from Sydney and Auckland, if you are traveling by land Greatsights coaches offer day tours from Queenstown, Te Anau and Mt Cook. Or if you want to stay you can rent a car or take a bus with Intercity Buses.

Because Milford Sounds is A UNESCO World Heritage Site, freedom camping at Milford Sound is strictly forbidden. But you can stay at The Milford Sounds Lodge which has a range of options to suit all budgets.

Please enjoy video below

When I was a child I got to visit Milford Sounds, but little did I know later as an Adult  not living in New Zealand anymore that I would return multiple times working for Princess Cruise. 

The best time to visit Milford Sounds in New Zealand is up to you,  one of the wettest areas on earth.  Milford Sound needs rain to thrive, rainfall creates a series of temporary waterfalls in the sounds so you will see water cascading down the cliff faces, the peak months for high rainfall are January and December.   The highest average temperature in Milford Sounds is 20°C/68f. And the closest airport is Queenstown Airport.

Thank you for checking out Milford Sounds New Zealand with me. Stay tuned for my next travel write up on Quebec City the fairy tale land of Canada, also don't forget to check out my galleries on this website and follow me on instagram THEHUMANPASSPORT

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

Bye for now

 Ian Clark


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