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I am self taught and blessed since as a child I suffered a number of eye problems resulting in several operations as a child. I overcame these difficulties but was told by doctors as a teenage that I would never work in a field that requires eyesight.

In December 2011, I won 'Australian Digital Photo of the Year' for 2011 for a photo of a narrow intersection in Barcelona. I titled the shot "x marks the spot"

I started my career as a photographer for Warner Bros. Australia in 2002 and for 8 years work in the theme park division as well as any celebrities who would visit the Studios, from Steve Carrel, Anne Hathaway, Robert Patrick, Stone Cold Steve Austin and a lot more.


In 2010 I was recruited by Princess Cruises where I have been to all 7 Continents and over 330 destinations. Around the world shooting photos for my self while being an Assistant Cruise Director on board entertaining over 3000 passengers a cruise.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website, showcase my best work from around the world while trying to spread the message that any disability shouldn’t stop people from living there dreams.

Please follow my work at my website and my Instagram account.

Kind Regards

Ian Clark

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